Crucial Attributes To Look for in an Agricultural Lime Supplier

2 December 2021
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Adding quality agricultural lime to your farmland is akin to conditioning your hair with the best hair products in the industry. Fundamentally, agricultural lime reduces soil acidity, adds essential minerals necessary for plant growth, improves uptake of nutrients by plant toots, and mitigates the effects of aluminium toxicity. Notably, you can easily find agricultural lime suppliers anywhere, which is why new farmers struggle to get the best product. Finding a reputable agricultural lime supplier is not a walk in the park; hence, some farmers resort to trial and error. However, the trial and error approach should be the last thing on your mind when looking for an agricultural lime supplier because the consequences can be dire. This article highlights crucial attributes to look for in an agricultural lime supplier.

Sells User-Friendly Agricultural Lime

Using agricultural lime can be challenging to new farmers, leading to poor application and misuse. Since you are spending your hard-earned cash, you should find a supplier who sells a user-friendly product. For instance, if you purchase agricultural lime from a supplier that dries the product thoroughly, it will quickly turn into dust and drift with the wind during application. Instead, an experienced supplier sells agricultural lime with some moisture to give the particles some weight. As a result, the product is easy to handle and light enough for effective application without being blown away by the wind.

Labels Agricultural Lime Correctly

Most new farmers are unaware that agricultural lime suppliers are legally required to label their products appropriately. Therefore, you will find novice farmers buying agricultural lime with the labels omitting some crucial information. For example, according to the NSW Fertilizers Act, agricultural lime packaging must contain the product's neutralizing value, calcium and magnesium percentages and form, and product fineness. If you find a product whose label includes some or none of the information, consider finding another supplier to be on the safe side.

Works Closely With Extension Officers

Agricultural extension officers or agents are experts who work closely with industry players by advising them on the production, processing, and distribution of farm products. Agricultural lime suppliers are essential stakeholders in the agricultural industry; hence, they should collaborate with extension officers. It offers agricultural lime suppliers an opportunity to learn modern techniques of solving soil problems, pest control and management, fertility improvement methods, and agricultural lime application techniques. The best part is that suppliers share the information with their clients, especially in farms considered inaccessible to agricultural extension officers.