Addressing Pesticide Residue: A Comprehensive Guide

20 December 2023
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Pesticide residue on food is a concern many consumers grapple with. This guide aims to provide practical steps to minimise the risk associated with pesticide residue. The Importance of Variety in Your Diet One simple strategy to reduce the risk of exposure to a single pesticide is to consume a diverse range of fruits and vegetables. This not only ensures a balanced diet but also helps minimise the potential concentration of any one pesticide. Read More 

A World of Wheat Varieties: Exploring the Diversity of this Vital Crop

20 September 2023
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Wheat is a fundamental crop that sustains billions of people around the world. This versatile grain comes in a multitude of varieties, each with its own unique characteristics and adaptations. This blog will delve into the fascinating world of wheat varieties, exploring the diverse options available to farmers and the importance of selecting the right wheat variety for specific agricultural needs. Understanding the Types: Common Wheat Varieties Hard Red Winter Wheat: This variety is well-suited for breadmaking due to its high protein content. Read More 

Australian Wheat: A Global Commodity

13 December 2022
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Australia is a major producer of wheat, with grain being one of the country's most important crops. In fact, wheat is grown in every state of Australia, with the majority of production taking place in the eastern states of New South Wales and Queensland. There are many different varieties of wheat grown in Australia, each with its own unique characteristics and uses. The most common varieties include bread wheat, durum wheat and barley. Read More 

Crucial Attributes To Look for in an Agricultural Lime Supplier

2 December 2021
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Adding quality agricultural lime to your farmland is akin to conditioning your hair with the best hair products in the industry. Fundamentally, agricultural lime reduces soil acidity, adds essential minerals necessary for plant growth, improves uptake of nutrients by plant toots, and mitigates the effects of aluminium toxicity. Notably, you can easily find agricultural lime suppliers anywhere, which is why new farmers struggle to get the best product. Finding a reputable agricultural lime supplier is not a walk in the park; hence, some farmers resort to trial and error. Read More 

Two Reasons to Mow the Fields on Your Farm That You’re Not Currently Using

23 November 2020
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If you have fields on your farm that you're not currently using, you should not let them grow too wild but should instead have someone who provides lawn mowing services trim them every now and again. Read on to learn why. It could deter pests Having someone drive or push a lawnmower across your unused fields every few weeks could help to deter pests who might otherwise set up camp in these areas. Read More