Australian Wheat: A Global Commodity

13 December 2022
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Australia is a major producer of wheat, with grain being one of the country's most important crops. In fact, wheat is grown in every state of Australia, with the majority of production taking place in the eastern states of New South Wales and Queensland. There are many different varieties of wheat grown in Australia, each with its own unique characteristics and uses. The most common varieties include bread wheat, durum wheat and barley.

Bread wheat is the most widely grown variety of wheat in Australia, and is used to make a variety of products including bread, pasta and cakes. This type of wheat is high in gluten, which gives bread its characteristic elastic texture and chewy mouthfeel. Durum wheat, also known as pasta wheat, is a hard wheat that is used to make pasta, couscous and other products that require a strong and elastic dough. This type of wheat is characterized by its yellow colour and high protein content. Barley is a type of wheat that is typically used for animal feed, brewing beer and producing malt for the food industry. It is a hardy grain that can tolerate dry conditions and is often grown in areas where other crops may struggle.

In addition to these three main varieties, there are also many other types of wheat grown in Australia, including triticale, rye and spelt. Triticale is a hybrid of wheat and rye, and it is often used as a feed grain or for making bread and other baked goods. Rye is a type of wheat that is used to make bread and other products, and it is known for its distinctive flavour and texture. Spelt is an ancient variety of wheat that is high in nutrients and has a nutty flavour.

Australia is known for producing high-quality wheat, thanks to its fertile soils, abundant sunlight and reliable rainfall. The country's wheat is exported to many parts of the world and is used in a variety of products including bread, pasta and beer. In addition to its production of wheat, Australia is also a major producer of other grains such as barley, canola and sorghum. These crops are grown in many parts of the country and are used for a variety of purposes including animal feed, brewing and biofuel production.

Overall, the varieties of wheat grown in Australia are diverse and varied, playing a crucial role in the country's agriculture industry. From the hardy barley to the high-protein durum wheat, these grains are an important part of the Australian landscape and contribute to the country's reputation as a producer of high-quality food.

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