Do you need to plan an irrigation system?

14 May 2020
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Every farmer understands the importance of taking care of their crops if they want to enjoy a good harvest at the appropriate time. A key part of taking care of crops is ensuring that they receive the right amount of water to grow strong and healthy. Traditionally, farmers were forced to rely on the weather to supply whatever water their crops needed, but today, that is no longer the case. While it was once impossible to know how much water a particular crop would receive while it was in the ground, it is now possible to measure exactly how much water is needed and to supply the precise amount required. In the past farmers, irregular rainfall limited the types of crops that could be grown and how effectively they could be managed. Modern crop irrigation techniques allow farmers much more control over their crops.

Why irrigating your crops matters

If you want a healthy crop, then the only way that you can be certain of providing the crop with enough water is by using irrigation supplies to ensure that your crop is sustained by an artificial water supply throughout the year.

Which irrigation system?

When browsing through all of the available irrigation supplies, you may notice that there are several different irrigation systems you could choose. No system is perfect for every type of plant, and you will need to think about the types of crops you plan to grow before settling on the most appropriate method of irrigation. If you have plants that can absorb most of their moisture through their leaves, then an irrigation system that sprays water from above the plant is a great choice. For other types of crops, it will probably be better to pick irrigation supplies that will allow you to take water straight to the roots of the plants. Known as drip irrigation systems, these irrigation supplies use less water than other irrigation methods and make certain that the needed water gets to the plant roots where it can immediately start to nourish the crop.

If you want help to plan your irrigation system or are not sure what irrigation supplies you should buy, then talk to a supplier in your area today. They will be able to advise you on which system best suits your needs and whether it can be fitted on your property with the water sources you have available.